An audio walk around the busy streets of Borough and the mood board helped me imagine the scenario in that area in the medieval time. Based on this, I wrote a few scripts hoping to use it as a narrative during a soundwalk. The history of each of the stops in the soundwalk proved helpful to curate a story full of fictional scenarios as well as facts.

The script is written as a narration, a companion of some sort who would accompany you throughout the soundwalk in the form of an audio.

An excerpt from the script, the scene is when one is crossing the Southwark Cathedral

“You must have crossed the Southwark Cathedral plenty of times. Why don’t we experience it today with the sense of touch? Take your right palm and brush it across the wall of the cathedral as we walk by… Do you feel the texture? You are experiencing the walls of the Cathedral that were rebuilt after being destroyed in the The Great Fire of Southwark in 1212. On 10th of July in 1212 the flames destroyed the Cathedral and strong southernly winds pushed them towards the bridge, which also caught fire……”

Although after listening to it, it sounded almost as if one was instructed to imagine these things from the past. The intention is to let the sounds create a composition that sweeps one back into the past. So I am unsure whether I will use the script, but the script is surely helpful in imagining the sort of sonic environment that would be prevalent then.


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