The London Borough

The signage of The Lee Brothers, who were potato merchants in 1875 is still preserved in the Borough Market. While walking through the market, I stood in front of the signage and thought to myself, what must it be like in 1875, today? Iy was probably a chilly day in the morning.. All the merchants gathering to set up their stalls to sell vegetables and fruits.. must have been a busy morning. I could imagin the Lee brothers setting up their shop with fresh stock of potatoes for the day..


The Borough Market is the place that I ultimately narrowed down as the start of the soundwalk. The market that is always so busy, recently celebrated its 1000th birthday in 2014. It has a very interesting history and even after 1000 years there are elements of it that have been it’s part for centuries and still survive.


Walking through the market only fuelled my imagination to think about how the market was a thousand years ago? After creating a moodboard of the oldest pictures available of the market I could imagine that the market was a very chaotic place to be at.. With plenty of cars and horse carriages making their way through the poultry flocking around here and there. Handcarts are very prominent in plenty of pictures that are documented of the London Borough.

I think the walk and the pictures are quite helpful in the script writing and choosing the sounds for composing the walk.


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