Conversations & Interviews

I contacted a few people who have experienced the disappearance of the older sounds. It would be very insightful to strike up conversations with these people, get to know how they feel.. listen to the stories they share.

Unfortunately only 4 people agreed to meet with me. But it wasn’t all a loss, the 4 people still proved to be very helpful in this scenario.


It was such a lovely chat with these guys! They are full of stories and artefacts that they were very excited to share with me.

For instance, George Smith- he is 80 &  a musician. When I first asked him over a phone call if he could spare some time to interact with me, he immediately invited me over to pick his brain. As I entered the house I noticed he was quite excited, before I could go into any further detail about the project he asked me to climb up the loft with him. As I entered the loft it was full of all items neatly stacked away. As we walked to the corner I saw him pointing down at this big box and a wide grin on his face. It was an old radio! It came up to my knees and was thrice as wide. It was nothing I had seen before! We spent some time trying to get it started, but that was an unsuccessful attempt. Although we did spend a lot of time listening to it’s stories.

George is full of stories. He shared many instances about his unsuccessful attempts with technology. He made an interesting observation which struck me – he said, “Every object in our time had a sole purpose. A phone was used to make calls, a Television was used to watch movies and a radio was used to listen to music; which is what made it easy to use them”

Im conflicted whether or not I totally agree with this, but it was interesting to have a conversation about it.

You can view an excerpt of the video – here



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