Hidden Traces

Hidden Traces is a sound installation by Gabriele Reuter and Mattef Kuhlmey.


It takes the listener through a promenade of voices on the streets around The Place, the dance venue just off Euston Road, London.The project has amassed a legacy of audio interviews with local residents, plus sound pieces composed from the fieldwork materials, and a short video interview with Gabrielle talking about the connections between choreography, urban history, memories and the use of dance as a discipline to engage with communities. A combination of sound choreography, urban history and oral reminiscences of childhood and everyday life in the local area, was used to create a series of short audio plays, which were placed on listening points on and around the buildings and streets surrounding The Place.

The sound journey has been inspired by interviews with local residents made for the project, and archival recordings from the King’s Cross Voices Interviews.

The walker is provided with a map, an MP3 player and a set of headphones at the beginning of the sound journey. I think that is quite interesting as the walker then goes on a journey of his own to explore the hidden traces inspired by stories from the past.

It’s quite interesting to see the sounds carefully curated by Gabriele around the busy streets of Euston. The attempt to craft and preserve the sounds from the past is important as we advance further. There have been several projects that aim at preserving the endangered sounds.


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